Atom Air Incu I

Air incu i

Low noise
Noise Levels in the incubator are kept to
45dB, reducing stress levels in Neonates.
* The AAP recommends that sound levels be kept lower than
45dB in NICUs and infant incubators.

Minimal handling
A built-in weight monitor allows the neonate
to be weighed inside the incubator,
the “womb like” environment.
Body weight is measured in 1g increments
allowing for slight increases or decreases to
easily be identified.

Air curtain
An air curtain, designed as a standard inclusion
in the Air Incu i, minimizes temperature loss
when a snap-open access port is opened.

Humidity control
Adjustable humidity control allows up to 95%
relative humidity to be produced, meeting
humidification requirements for even the smallest
of neonates.
Direct steam injection humidification minimizes
the risk of infection inside the incubator.